Heritage Windows

Heritage Windows

Our range of Heritage uPVC windows and doors is the perfect solution for adding or restoring character to older, more traditional properties, and can also be used to satisfy local planning and conservation applications.

Our heritage range includes the following styles...

- Veka Vertical sliding sash windows. e Veka-Halo flush sash windows.

- Residence7 flush sash windows.

- Residence9 flush sash windows.

- Residence9 Solidor composite doors.

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Veka vertical sliding sash windows

The Veka vertical sliding sash can help you recreate the look and feel of the original timber sash window. Whether you’re working with the local authority to recreate a traditional look in a conservation area or simply just looking for a classic look, these are an ideal window choice. The vertical sliding window is one of the most popular alternatives of a uPVC window style, giving you all the positives of advanced mechanisms and materials married with a classic and timeless style of window.

The sliding sash replicates the appearance of Regency and Georgian windows with an energy efficient and modern frame and while offering run-through sash horns, deep bottom rails, mechanical joints, astragal bars, and heritage style hardware to replicate the original look. Our vertical sliding sash windows are ‘A’ rated, secured by design, and PAS 24 as standard and are available in 29 colour and woodgrain options and the option of custom dual colours.

Veka-Halo flush sash

Reminiscent of timber windows from the early part of the 19th century complete with a modern edge, these are available in up to 29 woodgrain and colour options. It also provides the option of dual custom colours meaning you can add your own taste to any project. Every woodgrain and colour are designed to perfectly mimic painter or stained timber and only needs a small amount of maintenance during its lifetime.

Robust in its design, a variety of finishes can be used for the outside and the inside of your property, is extremely weatherproof and energy efficient, achieving a rating of ‘A’.

Our range of flush sash windows is all fitted with Maco locking mechanisms and come with the Maco Secure Guarantee. This combined with the fully welded sash and frame with mechanical mullions means that our flush sash windows go above and beyond British standards for weatherproofing and security.


With a stunning luxurious finish outside and in and a traditional, authentic appearance, this is the ideal option for conservation installations. As with all products in this collection, a quality product is guaranteed that is built to last.

The flush exterior and interior that comes with R7 provide a highly contemporary and modern appearance and it has the flexibility to be used for both old traditional and new builds alike.

R7 is a system with superior acoustics, great thermal properties, strength and security performance and comes with a selection choice of decorative beading choices, which you can customise to your taste.

Residence7 is certified as ‘A’ rated with double glazing and ‘A’++ with triple glazing.


Produced from a contemporary composite material, Residence9 provides an almost maintenance free finish. Available only in heritage colours, Residence9 is a high-end window system and can also be incorporated into stunning Residential, French or Composite doors and beautiful Orangeries.

Residence9 is the ideal selection for a country period property restoration or an urban townhouse. Its appearance also assists in conservation areas and will complement local council planning conditions.

The modern composite material gives a virtually maintenance free finish and the large 9 chambered frame offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance and meets the requirements for ‘Passivhaus’.

Manufactured by hand in our supplier's dedicated factory in a choice of 11 classical heritage colours you can be confident of a window that not only looks the part but will last for many years to come


Certified as ‘A’ rated with double glazing and ‘A’++ with triple glazing. Residence9 windows offer the highest classification performance even with authentic, traditional (dummy sash) sight-lines.