We use Planitherm - one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-performance glazing for the home. Ultra modern and super slick in its design, Planitherm is made right here in the UK by the globally renowned Saint-Gobain. The glass that this manufacturer creates is unbelievably energy-efficient and will transform any space in the home.
So whether you're on the lookout for a great night's sleep, some added warmth in your living room or a sun-filled escape, Planitherm offers a wide range of products that will compliment any style of window frame.

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We offer a wide range of finance options to suit all requirements and budget needs. We work alongside one of the UK's leading home improvement finance providers and can offer a range of financial options including:

- 0% interest fee finance

- A range of different APRs to suit your needs

- Up to 10 years finance

- Finance available on all home improvements

For more information about our finance options, simply get in touch.

All windows in the UK come with their own unique energy rating. Why? Well, for one, it determines how well they perform as determined by The Window Energy Rating (WER) system, with G being the worst and A+ being the best.

This probably won't come as a surprise but the older windows out there tend to be towards to rear end of the scale (G) as their performance is known to decrease over time.

Here at NE Glazing Systems Ltd, we have a minimum rating requirement of A, giving you that extra peace of mind.


People often get confused with this, so let us break it down for you.

In a nutshell, U-Value is a means to measure the thermal efficiency of a product, including walls, doors and windows.

U-Value provides an overall heat energy transfer rate through a specific section of material; a roof, double glazing or a wall.

The lower the rating, the more comfortable the room temperature and the more comfortable a specific room may be.


Since the early part of the 21st Century, there are a number of building regulations that apply to replacement windows and glazing. The regulations apply to things like thermal performance and other areas such as air supply, means of escape and ventilation.

Here are the areas we adhere to, ensuring that the highest standards are met in accordance with the law.

PART A – Structure

PART B – Fire Safety

PART F – Ventilation

PART K – Protection from Falling

PART L – Conservation of Fuel & Power

PART M – Access to and use of Buildings

PART N – Glazing Safety

PART Q – Security


If you're a homeowner, we always recommend any improvements carried out on your property, should be undertaken by a HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantee.

This will also cater for deposit indemnity insurance, which guarantees the protection of your deposit if a company was to cease to trade.

Known as a HomePro Value Plus Policy, we can ensure that your deposit is covered for up to 90 days and will also be looked after during the period of our written guarantee.


If you're thinking about investing in high-quality windows and doors, having a PAS 24 accreditation is a must.

PAS 24 (Publicly Available Specification) is the bear minimum standard meaning that all windows and doors are tested to the standard specifications with a simple pass or fail system.

PAS 24 now covers all sliding and bi-folding doors as well as parallel opening windows. PAS 24 standards will put doors and windows through a hardware attack test to assess their performance.


This is a Police aided initiative to help encourage and guide parties involved in the design and the build of new homes and those undertaking small property refurbishments.

Supported by the Home Office, Secured by Design was brought in to dramatically reduce crime and aid a safer and more secure design process.

All of our products are manufactured by a Secured By Design affiliated company giving you complete confidence in the safety of your window and doors


There are many factors and reasons behind why condensation occurs.

Please see our guide which will explain what the causes are along with the expert advice on how to overcome them.

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